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Oil Tankers Association announces suspension of supply

Oil Tankers Association Indefinite Strike


The Oil Tankers Owners Association has announced that it will stop the supply of petrol and diesel from today due to non-fulfillment of demands.

The Asosociation said that the supply will not be stopped in Islamabad, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. However, supply to all airports will be suspended.

Oil Tankers Owners Association has demanded that tankers should be filled under meterised system. The supply suspended until the Association’s demands are met.

The Association further said that the Islamabad administration and PSO officials violated the agreement of February 20, on which they also sent notices, but no response was received.

The association said that the supply of petrol and diesel will remain suspended until the demand for reduction in the ratio is met. In particular, the demand for filling tankers under the meterised system should be met immediately.

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