Diligent Effort of Polio Worker Wins Hearts

A post surfaced on Twitter that depicts a hard working polio worker and non-cooperation they encounter

With Pakistan being one of the two countries left with active polio cases, polio workers have been striving hard to eradicate the virus from the country which is apparent from a recent instance with a worker that took place in Kyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) during the campaign.

A post surfaced on Twitter that depicts a hard-working polio worker and non-cooperation they encounter.

The diligent worker of the team climbed a tree to follow the child trying to avoid the two-drop vaccine.

The unidentified worker got lauded by a number of people for his dedication and the post received comments of appreciation and encouragement.

Sadly, the polio campaign in Pakistan is futile and one of the many reasons behind is defiance.

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Pakistan started its first polio campaign in 1994 and nearly after a decade, the number of cases in the country dropped significantly.

However, during the last 10 years, Taliban claimed that the campaign is a foreign-funded plan aiming to sterilize Muslim children, or an elaborated cover for Western or Afghan government spies.

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Due to the presence of the Taliban, attacks on polio workers irrespective of their gender were a common occurrence in KP in past few years.

A number of workers died in the attacks and several others were injured. This has been considered one of the biggest hindrances to the eradication of poliovirus from the country.

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