Indian Sitar Player Paid Tribute to Rafi

India's Veena Shrivani played the melodious strings of Setar and Pakistan's Nadia Malik sung to the beat of a drum paying tribute to Mohammed Rafi

Videos of Nadia Malik from Pakistan and Veena Shrivani from India showing their passion for Indian Music-Icon Mohammad Rafi as their videos are circulating on social media.

Many people believe that ‘music is food for the soul’ so many people listen to it to keep their mind calm.

The videos of female artists from Pakistan and India are circulating on Twitter,.

The artists from both neighboring countries paid tribute to Mohammad Rafi which users are sharing well as well as making interesting comments.

A video of Veena Shriwani, an Indian setar player making rounds on Twitter, which could be seen playing the melody of Mohammad Rafi’s evergreen song by playing on setar’s melodious strings.

Veena Shriwani has paid homage to Mohammad Rafi through a video in which she is playing the melody of his famous song ‘Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho Ya Aftab Ho’.

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Meanwhile, a video of a Pakistani singer, Nadia Malik is also circulating on Twitter, which has also been shared by famous Journalist Rauf Klasra. The singer in the video is singing in Punjabi to the beat of a drum.

Rauf Klasra shared the video and wrote, “Life is beautiful. If you live like this, life is beautiful.”

This enthuiastic performance of Veena Shrivani from India and Nadia Malik from Pakistan, proved how deeply they have understood and reflected on each and every little detail of Mohammad Rafi’s melodious song.

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