Dua Zehra case: LHC stops police from harassing Zaheer Ahmed’s mother

LHC stopped police from harassing Dua Zehra’s mother-in-law and asked her and her husband Zaheer Ahmed to approach trial court in Karachi.

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) has stopped police from harassing Dua Zehra’s mother-in-law and asked her and her husband Zaheer Ahmed to approach the trial court in Karachi.

The LHC heard the petition filed by Zaheer Ahmed’s mother for being harassed by police. The LHC wrapped up the petition after ordering police to refrain from harassing Zehra’s mother-in-law.

After reaching Lahore from Karachi, Dua Zehra was produced before the LHC judge Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh today amid tight security.

Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh remarked that the girl has been recovered and the Sindh High Court (SHC) allowed her to take her own decision, hence, the case will be wrapped up.

Dua Zehra rejects to meet parents; SHC orders medical examination

Earlier on Thursday, a two-member bench of the SHC gave its verdict in the Dua Zehra abduction case and directed her to freely live their life.

Questions arise after verdict

The verdict of the Sindh High Court (SHC) in the Dua Zehra recovery case has raised many questions regarding the legal flaws in the ruling.

Dua Zehra’s recovery case was heard by Sindh High Court yesterday before the Karachi girl and her husband were sent to Lahore via a flight for another hearing at the Lahore High Court (LHC).

Jibran Nasir wrote on Twitter, “What is the effect of SHC judgment in #DuaZehra case? That anyone proven to be a minor both by NADRA and medical reports is free to leave his/parents’ house and reside anywhere. How does this not destroy our jurisprudence on minors under Criminal & Family Law.”

“How can a Divisional Bench of a High Court completely ignore previous Divisional Bench judgments of the same Court where minors were always sent to Shelter Home if not with parents but never set at liberty. SHC has even sent 17.5yr old girl to shelter home till she turns 18,” added Nasir.

Dua Zehra’s recovery: SHC orders FIA to assist Sindh police

He said, “Sindh Govt changed the Police Surgeon under whom the questionable report on #DuaZehra was made but would it also question it’s Advocate General who made the preposterous submission Court that Dua wasn’t kidnapped and that Courts should rely on the minor girl’s statement.”

Dua Zahra was supposed to be produced in the court of special magistrate today but she was immediately transferred to Lahore by plane. Meanwhile, Dua Zehra’s father Mehdi Ali Kazmi kept waiting for his daughter’s appearance outside the magistrate’s court.

Talking to media on the occasion, Mehdi Ali Kazmi said that he had met the girl for 3 to 4 minutes in the judge’s chamber yesterday, after which he did not meet her.

He said that Zaheer Ahmed has not been arrested, whereas, according to the First Information Report (FIR), he should have been arrested. He said that the police had arrested the boy in the case of Nimrah Kazmi and he is still under arrest.

He said that my daughter is appearing before the magistrate, now there will be further proceedings in the trial court, in this case the police had earlier arrested two persons, one was a nikah khan and one was a witness and now the police have produced 12 more suspects. Some people were also brought on Wednesday but the judge got up, Kazmi added.

In response to a question, Dua Zehra Kazmi’s father Mehdi Ali Kazmi said that if I have to take this case to the Supreme Court, I will take it.

Reacting to Dua Zehra and Zaheer Ahmed being sent to Lahore by plane, Altaf Khoso, the lawyer of Dua Zahra’s father, said that now it is clear that there are big hands behind it.

Advocate Altaf Khoso says that Dua Zehra whom he married is not rich enough to be taken in the plane, but he can say with certainty how the ticket was booked so quickly in the plane and it gives an idea which is the father had suspected that a gang is involved in this case.

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