Eyewitness of F9 Park rape incident comes forward, Pemra bans TV coverage

Social circles have expressed serious concern over PEMRA's blocking of coverage of incident on private media channels and have demanded notice from Chief Justice of Pakistan.

An eyewitness of a woman who was gang-raped by armed men in Islamabad’s F9 Park on Saturday has come forward. On the other hand, PEMRA has banned the mainstream media from running the case.

It is said that what Pemra wants to prove with this initiative is that if this case is not aired on the channel then the incidents of sexual abuse of women will stop or that Pemra is providing protection to the accused.

On Saturday, a property woman was gang-raped by armed men in Islamabad’s F-Nine Park, a case of which was registered in Margalla police station.

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According to the FIR filed by the woman, “I work in real estate and was with my colleague at F9 Park, during which two unknown armed suspects came and searched the office. And took my colleagues to the nearby forest and gang-raped me at gunpoint.

However, now the eyewitness of the gang rape of the property dealer woman has also come forward and has recorded her statement. Eyewitness works as a security guard in F9 Park.

Eyewitness said that the girl who came to the park was also a Pathan and the boy was also a Pathan. Four armed men were following both of them, it was 8:30, two men had pistols.

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The eyewitness said that he can recognize the accused. The armed men dragged the girl away at gunpoint. He said that I have been working in this park for the last four years. The boy accompanying the girl ran away and they took the girl away. He said that I could not stop them because I am an old man. Among the four boys who were carrying the girl, one boy looked like a Pathan.

On the other hand, PEMRA has stopped the coverage of the F9 Park Islamabad incident in the mainstream media of the country. And in this regard, Pemra has also issued a notification.

Social circles have expressed serious concerns over the notification issued by Pemra. He says that PEMRA has become a party by stopping the coverage of the incident on private media channels, the Islamabad High Court or the Chief Justice of Pakistan should take notice of the incident and demand an answer from PEMRA.

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