Faraz slams treasury benches in Senate after CDA seals party office in Islamabad

Shibli Faraz, opposition leader in the Senate, on Friday lashed out at the treasury benches for actions taken against the PTI, which he said were being carried out “under their watch”.

Speaking in the Senate, a visibly furious Faraz said, “The fascism, oppression, violence that you have begun and this is all happening under your watch.”

His statements come after late last night, the Islamabad police and local authorities partially demolished a part of PTI’s central secretariat building in Islamabad before sealing the premises for allegedly violating building bylaws.

Subsequently, the PTI approached the Islamabad police chief against 35 officials who raided the office, stating that the action was taken in the presence of a United Nations delegation.

Claiming that the PML-N-led coalition government did not secure more than 27 seats in the National Assembly in the February 8 general elections, the PTI senator said: “You have come [to power] on a stolen mandate so at least give the impression that you are good people.”

“You cannot do politics by force. You can take away our party symbol, jail our [party] chairman, demolish our offices, raid our homes but cannot erase the affection for Imran Khan from the hearts of the majority 250 million people of this country.

“Whatever oppression and tyranny you may do, it will be written. […] It will be very upsetting when history will be written tomorrow.


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