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Hate Malala, Love IMF

Malala Yousafzai Always


Malala Yousafzai is the newest punching bag of Pakistan’s liberal left, in wake of her collaboration with former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her upcoming musical ‘Suffs’, whereas ignoring to raise full throttle voice for the oppressed people of Palestine .

Although criticism on Pakistani women rights activist not new to her, but surprisingly latest barrage of verbal punches are coming from her erstwhile supporters rather than from right wingers who are considered her staunch opponents in country.

Hate Malala
Some of the leading journos and social media activists has taken to ‘X’ to vent out their anger over Malala’s latest venture…leading Dawn TV Anchor Absa Komal took to social media and wrote ‘I have been a staunch supporter of Malala. Seeing her being compared to figures like Aung San Suu Kyi, who supported the Rohingya massacre, is heartbreaking. I truly hope and wish that she uses her influential voice to speak up for those who are being oppressed instead of supporting the oppressor or staying silent.

Another leading Journalist Khurram Hussain explained her like this on his X post ‘Looks like Malala
has succumbed to the lures and trappings of celebrity. It’s over. She’s nothing more than a famous name now’…both overlooking to her contribution to the most oppressed section of Pakistani society who are deprived of their basic right to education.

Malala Fund’s Contribution to Girl’s Education in Pakistan
According to Malala Fund’s 2022 press handout their contribution to girls education till that date was $7.2million in Pakistan, with their aim to reach out to 13000 more schools in next few years. They have partnered with the best NGOs in Pakistan, namely ‘Durbeen’ etc.

With the efforts of Malala fund in the year 2022 KPK govt allocated 24% of their budget for primary and secondary education, with 70% of that going for girls education.

Love IMF
Now look at the other picture, which will clearly shows duplicity of Pakistani liberal intellignesia. Just yesterday Finance Minister Aurangzeb Khan said that he hoped that country’s forex reserves will reach $10bn with support of IMF.

How many of those self proclaimed Palestine lovers has questioned govt over why they are joining hands with US driven financial institution like IMF? Also why no finger pointing on the silence of Arab nations, especially Saudi Arabia over plight of Palestinians when their ministers are frequenting Pakistan for financial and investment deals.

Contrary to the verbal thrashing of Malala over her venture with western world our so called liberal intelligentsia is ecstatic that US funded/prodded IFIs and other countries are filling Pakistan’s coffers with loans and alms.

It seems Malala is now the easiest punching bag for liberals and conservatives both in Pakistan. However what these so called intelligentsia is overlooking is that her contribution to the most marginalized rural girls section of Pakistani society and what damage they are doing to themselves while criticizing one of their best known faces abroad.

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