Incident of violence in Lahore school took Ali Zafar to his own past experience

Renowned singer and actor condemned violence of fellow students on a girl in a private school in Lahore and said problems like bullying need to be solved, incident also reminded him humiliating incidents that had happened to him in past.

Ali Zafar while condemning the incident of violence against a girl in the American International School of Lahore said that we need to solve problems like bullying.

In a thread on the micro-blogging site Twitter, singer Ali Zafar wrote that he just saw a video of raping a girl, but I don’t want to share the video.

Ali Zafar said that I think these girls should be given a chance in life to learn and become better people, but the problem of bullying needs to be solved.

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“I think we all have felt bullying at some point in our lives because it comes in different shapes and forms,” ​​he said.

Ali Zafar shared the incident of bullying and threats that happened to him and wrote that National College of Arts (NCA) was the first time I was bullied.

The singer said that I belonged to a middle-class background, and when I came for the NCA entrance interview, I had brought with me large paintings that I had made as a portfolio.

He wrote that when I was offered modeling, I wore formal clothes on my father’s advice, and my self-esteem was destroyed by making fun of my clothes and hair.

Singer Ali Zafar said that I don’t want to name this girl but she belongs to a privileged class while I belonged to a middle class.

Ali zafar said that I had to face derogatory sentences in college. I was ridiculed. baseless things were spread about me. My art was made fun of.

In college, I was ridiculed many times for my inappropriate English accent or for not matching their standards for fashionable clothes.

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