Karachi roads partially reopen following hours-long closure

Following the hours-long closure, the main arteries of Karachi were reopened on Tuesday evening, however, Sharae Faisal remains partially closed as part of the measures taken to ensure security during the Iranian president’s visit to the country.

The port city’s main and link roads were closed to the public and a public holiday was also declared in the Sindh provincial capital ahead of Iranian President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi’s visit.

The city’s main arteries including MA Jinnah Road and Sharea Faisal have been reopened for traffic till the FTC flyover.

Rashid Minhas Road linked to Sharea Faisal has also been opened for traffic.

Meanwhile, all the link roads of Sharea Faisal have not been fully opened yet and the petrol pumps on both tracks of the main artery also remained closed.

Due to the road closure, the Karachi Traffic Police issued a detailed traffic plan asking citizens to use alternative routes to reach their desired destinations.

The authorities made a comprehensive security plan involving a substantial deployment of law enforcement personnel across the city to ensure security during the Iranian president’s visit.

A total of 3,847 police officers and officials have been mobilised to ensure peace and tranquillity and security of the foreign dignitaries during their visit to Karachi, the state-run APP quoted a spokesperson of Karachi Police as saying earlier today.

The spokesperson while sharing the details said that deployment of security personnel across different zones of the city, revealing that 345 officers and employees are stationed in District East, 164 in West, and more than 300 in District South.


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