Rising Violent Attitudes in Society Getting Extreme

Killing of a manager by mob in Sialkot, naked women on charges of theft in Faisalabad and vulgar dance party in private national college Hasilpur raised questions about the performance of the police.

Rising Violent Attitudes in Society Getting Extreme: In Sialkot, a foreign manager was killed for blasphemy, while in Faisalabad, gypsy women were beaten and naked on suspicion of theft. After the embarrassing incident, videos of vulgar dance being leaked in a private national college in Hasilpur district of Punjab have come to light.

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar took notice of immoral activities during a function at a private college in Hasilpur and ordered an inquiry into the incident. On the notice of the Chief Minister, Deputy Commissioner Bhawalpur sealed the private educational institution.

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It may be recalled that Deputy Commissioner Bhawalpur Irfan Ali Kathia took notice of the dance videos and ordered to send an inquiry report to Assistant Commissioner Hasilpur within 3 days.

In the viral videos of vulgar dance in a private college in Hasilpur, it can be seen that the principals, teachers and other staff members of the college continued to harass Mujra while violating the rules of ethics. The principal and teachers kept swinging with the women in their arms.

Private National College in Hasilpur District of Punjab

On the other hand, the incident that took place in Faisalabad, the third largest city of Punjab province, has once again made the nation bow its head in shame. Where a few people accused four women of stealing and exposing them in public. Police have arrested five suspects in connection with the viral video on social media.

According to the preliminary investigation of Faisalabad police, four women were accused of theft in Millat Town and the shopkeepers tortured them and walked around the bazaar naked.

The tragic incident of torture and stripping of working women in Faisalabad district of Punjab on suspicion of theft took place on Monday morning, December 6, at the Usman Electric Store in Millat Town area of ​​Faisalabad police station. The four women were caught stealing and the shopkeepers not only caught the women but also tortured them.

Police on the notice of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar on the incident of violence against women in Millat Town area of ​​Faisalabad after the videos of violence against women went viral, 5 persons responsible for the incident were arrested Taken.

News 360 has received footage and a copy of the case of violence against women in Faisalabad. The FIR against the accused for inciting violence and nudity against women has included provisions for discrimination against women under the Penal Code of Pakistan.

CPO Dr Muhammad Abid Khan in his statement regarding the incident said that the women were stripped naked after being tortured by the accused and immediate action was taken against them. The accused will be severely punished.

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