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TikTok shares measures to uphold poll integrity

Tiktok launches tv app

With the general election just two days away, TikTok has shared its efforts to combat misinformation and uphold election integrity on its platform, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to maintaining a safe, authentic, and reliable information environment during this important period.

“Building on its robust global framework to combat misinformation, TikTok is collaborating with internationally recognised fact-checking organisation Agence France-Presse (AFP) as its fact-checker to specifically address the Pakistani electoral context,” TikTok said in a statement released on Monday.

Additionally, TikTok is working closely with local community partner organisations in Pakistan to ensure the platform’s integrity.

“These partnerships enable TikTok to identify potential misinformation, take action on it, and share accurate information with its community around important events. TikTok’s fact-checking partners do not moderate content on the platform, but their assessments provide valuable input which helps the app in taking appropriate action that upholds its community guidelines,” the statement added.

TikTok’s strategy includes innovative product features aimed at enhancing user awareness and participation in maintaining platform integrity.

The app has launched the Pakistan Election Center on the platform, which is a dedicated hub, available both in English and Urdu, that will direct users to authoritative information on the election, including voting procedures and locations.

Additionally, easy-to-use reporting tools will empower users to easily identify and report potentially misleading content. This user-centric approach fosters a vigilant and responsible community, crucial during the election period.

Furthermore, TikTok is committed to raising awareness among its users, by providing educational content and in-app guides. These initiatives are designed to equip the community with the necessary skills to discern credible information, thereby reinforcing informed participation in the electoral process.

Enforcement of TikTok’s Community Guidelines, available both in English and Urdu, is a key component of its misinformation combat strategy.

The platform employs a multi-pronged appr­oach, including the removal of guideline-violating content, redirecting search results to authoritative sources, and reducing the discoverability of unverified information. This comprehensive approach ensures that the platform remains a safe space, free from harmful election-related misinformation.


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