To initiate no-trust motion: Will opposition choose Asad Qaiser or Sadiq Sanjrani first?

PPP hopeful for success in moving motion in Senate.

After the passage of over 30 bills in the recent joint session of the parliament, the opposition is mulling new options, including moving no-trust motion to give the PTI-led government tough time.

The opposition parties had expedited contacts and consultation among themselves. PML-N’s Ahsan Iqbal met with PPP’s central leader Sherry Rehman while other PDM parties also held consultations with each other.

The focus of their discussion is to finalise a name (National Speaker Asad Qaiser or Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani) against whom a no-confidence motion may be moved.

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PPP is of the view to initiate the no-trust motion against Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani while the PML-N is in favour of targeting National Speaker Asad Qaiser first.

After the Wednesday’s joint session, the PPP believes that defeating the treasury benches in the National Assembly is an uphill task. PPP and some opposition parties see a ray of hope of success in the Senate.

However, still the final decision has to be taken by the opposition parties regarding initiating the no-confidence motion.

Yesterday, the PTI-led government had managed to pass 33 bills, including the electoral reforms bill, yesterday in the joint parliament session. After the development, overseas Pakistanis get the right to vote and electronic voting machines will be used in next general elections.

The parliament has done its job. Now it is a real test for the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to make preparations in 20 months for the transparent use of electronic voting machines. The ECP will have to set a modus operandi how the overseas Pakistani will cast their votes online.

On the other hand, the courts will have huge responsibility to decide the petitions to be filed by the opposition to challenge the electoral reforms bill.

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