US reiterates call for probe into election rigging allegations in Pakistan

The US Department of State has said it is appropriate for the Pakistani state to investigate the allegations of rigging in the general elections.

To a query, State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller said the United States had called for those allegations to be investigated, The News reported.

“We think that’s an appropriate step to take. That’s our response to questions of irregularities not just in Pakistan, but when we see them anywhere in the world. We think that they’re thoroughly investigated and resolved. And so that – we will continue to call for that.

“But at the same time, it’s clear that the elections in Pakistan were competitive, and we look forward to working with the government, once it’s formed, that the people of Pakistan elected,” he maintained.

To another query, Miller has called the efforts to form a coalition government in Pakistan “ultimately an internal matter”.

“You see this in a number of countries that have parliamentary system of government where no party has established a majority; you see the kind of coalition that is formed, ultimately that is not the decision for the US to make, it’s the decision for Pakistan to make,” the department’s spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, the White House on Tuesday said that it was proud to stand with like-minded democracies as it “consistently convey clearly, both publicly and privately, to the Pakistani government and across the Pakistani political spectrum, the need to respect the will of the Pakistani people, and ensure a transparent election process is critical and is obviously important.”

Responding to a question about election results in Pakistan, the White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, said that the president was very much aware of it. “Millions of Pakistanis turned out to vote last week, including a record number of Pakistani women, members of religious and ethnic minority groups, and young voters,” she said congratulating the Pakistani people for participating in the elections, including poll workers, civil society members, journalists and election observers who have protected the country’s democratic and electoral institutions.


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