Woman wins legal battle against beauty parlour for ‘incomplete makeover’

The consumer court in Lahore fined Zarva’s Makeup Lounge to pay Rs50,000 compensation for incomplete makeover, overcharging

LAHORE: A woman has won a legal battle against a beauty parlour for ‘incomplete makeover and overcharging’ that led then would-be-bride to file a case in a consumer court in Lahore.

The consumer court in Lahore gave a verdict in favour of the woman and fined Zarva’s Makeup Lounge to pay Rs50,000 compensation to the complainant’s cousin for overcharging and leaving her bridal makeover incomplete.

The verdict was given by the consumer court’s judge Waseem Afzal Mian.

Woman beauty parlour incomplete makeover fine

The complainant, Dr Shazia Sukhera, had stated in its petition to the consumer court that her cousin namely Komal Mushtaq made an appointment for signature party makeup for her nikah ceremony on August 10, 2021, after agreeing to the fee worth Rs10,000 besides submitting an advance worth Rs5,000 on July 30, 2021, to Zarva’s Makeup Lounge management.

During the hearing, the complainant apprised the court that the beauty parlour’s owner had illegally demanded an additional fee worth Rs15,000 during her cousin’s makeover and left it incomplete to pressurise her.

After the woman argued over the fixed fee worth Rs10,000, the saloon staffer asked her to wash her face and ousted her from the beauty parlour’s premises.

Woman beauty parlour incomplete makeover fine

The victim woman filed a petition against the beauty parlour and sought Rs1,010,000 compensation as damages including honour and reputation loss, mental agony, economic loss and signature makeup amount.

After finding Zarva’s Makeup Lounge staffers responsible, the consumer court issued an order against the beauty parlour’s management to pay Rs50,000 compensation.

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