3 feet forest

“I think this is the street” Jimmy Bhai (Javed) returned to his homeland after 15 years and was surprised when he thought that he would surprise his family. It seemed, but still he was going around these streets again and again.

Sir, call someone, if someone realizes that a I have come from airport, then they will go with their mobile phone and luggage.

It was reasonable, brother Jimmy immediately called younger brother and with his help he would reach home safely.

Next day while talking to my brother over breakfast, Jimmy Bhai said, “Brother, everything has changed a lot. In 10-15 years, even my own street is no longer the same.”

“That’s all bro, it’s 3 feet round.” The brother raised his head towards the street and said helplessly…

What is this? Jimmy asked.

When you went, this was the street, these were the houses. These were the residents of the neighborhood, but there was something else, there was light, there was wind, there were trees, there were yards. Every house had a small courtyard in which there must have been some tree. Although the house was on a small area, it was spacious. The basic requirements were air, light and soil management. When it rained, they used to enjoy themselves in the rain in the courtyard of their house. Even if a house was a double story, the houses were within their limits and mostly started after their yard.

But then from where the process of covering one inch started. The house is now covered up to the end in the lower floor, leaving no yard, no trees, and no light, and on the upper floor is extended as far as possible beyond the fixed limit of 3 feet. And everyone in the city fell into this frenzy. Every new construction is being done in the same way and every street neighborhood is changing its character in the same way. And now, 6 feet from the top of the 12 feet wide street (3-3 feet on both sides) will be covered, then what will be left, and even then the ramps made at the bottom are completed. That’s why the street which was wide 15 years ago now looks narrow and changed to you. Now, the street, the neighborhood, the area or the city all seem cramped because of this. The 3-foot forest that it has settled has an impact on future generations that is slowly affecting it.

Written by

Zubair Baig


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