Foreigners Come to Blows While Promoting Tourism in Pakistan

Pakistan has been a center of attraction for foreigners due to its hospitality, cuisines, scenic nature, and security

The northern areas of Pakistan have become the most preferred tourism spot for many foreigners, but the conversation turned into a heated argument on Twitter after two renowned personalities locked horns on the topic of promoting good image of the country.

Pakistan has been a center of attraction due to its hospitality, cuisines, scenic nature, security, and many more.

Since the country is witnessing a boom in tourism with more international travelers pouring in.

While endorsing positive image of Pakistan, blogger Katherine George, who has been highly impressed with the beauty of Pakistan, labeled it as the country with the best destinations in the world.

She urged her friends to visit Pakistan and quoted in a tweet, “No one in the world respects women as much as Pakistani men. Very respectful and humble” and “Pakistan is a country that loves and respects women.”

Soon after her tweet went viral, several internet users condemned her thoughts as a paid blogger, to which she clarified that she only posts a positive image about Pakistan which isn’t doing any wrong to anyone.

However, the tweet was deleted by the blogger later.

Moreover, Tv host George Fulton grilled the blogger for stating sweet things about Pakistan that depicts paid content.

He targeted bloggers Cynthia Ritchie and Harris Richard by calling them paid robots, who are serving as ‘sweet talkers’ for Pakistan.

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Unaware of George, Cynthia invited him for a zoom call and a meet-up when she visits Karachi to get to know each other better.

Continuing the conversation, George questioned Cynthia for being a paid sponsor for promoting good image of Pakistan.

She clarified the confusion adding that her love for Pakistan is beyond words.

Cynthia said she preferred to work on projects that will add value to the country and it doesn’t matter to her if anyone has a different thought about it.

The heated discussion among foreigners while promoting tourism in Pakistan didn’t end here as T-vlogger Richard Harris challenged George over calling him a ‘paid robot’.

George requested Harris to film a video message instead.

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