Abducted Peshawar student Armaghan recovered from Lahore

A Peshawar student namely Armaghan managed to escape from abductors and reach Lahore from Rawalpindi.

The child abduction incidents have increased to an alarming level as a Peshawar student namely Armaghan managed to escape from abductors and reach Lahore from Rawalpindi.

According to the details, Armaghan, a student of FSC Pre-Medical Part I from Peshawar, was allegedly abducted by unknown men while going to college on October 3.

Armaghan told News360 that the abductors made him unconscious by putting a handkerchief with chloroform on his face and took him to an unknown place in a vehicle.

When Armaghan regained consciousness, he saw the nighttime and recognised that he has reached Rawalpindi city. Armaghan managed to untie the ropes and escaped but he was caught again by the abductors. The abductors once again made him unconscious using chloroform and tied him to the car.

According to Armaghan, there were three kidnappers including a Pathan in the car. The kidnappers brought Armaghan to Lahore in the morning.

Armaghan saw when the abductors left him in the car thinking he was unconscious and went to get meals. He managed to escape again and started looking for a place to call his family and reached the bus stop near Yadgar area of ​​Lahore.

His family took him into protective custody through a person named Adnan Nazir in Lahore.

Armaghan’s cousin Ahtsham told News360 that Armaghan used to return from college at 1:00 pm, when he did not come home, we started looking for him everywhere and contacted his friends and other relatives.

He added the family received a missed call from Rawalpindi at night. On calling this number, it was found that some time ago a boy was calling but now he is gone. Ahitsham told his cousin in Rawalpindi to search Armaghan but he failed to recover him.

When he came to know that his cousin was in Lahore, he informed his businessman friend Adnan Nazir in Lahore about the incident and requested him to take Armaghan safely into his custody until he reaches Lahore. “We are thankful to Adnan Nazir who kept Armaghan safely in his custody and now we will take our missing cousin Armaghan after completing the legal requirements.”

Adnan Nazir, a citizen of Lahore, who showed bravery and courage, told News360 that when he got the call, he wisely recovered the child and shifted it to a safe place, taking full care of him and now the child’s uncle and cousins ​​have reached to pick him up. After all the legal requirements, he is being handed over to the family.

Adnan Nazir further advised citizens to take care of their children, become their friends and transport them to their schools and colleges by themselves.

Armaghan, who went missing from Peshawar, told News360 in response to a question that he did not know the kidnappers but could recognize them by sight.

On the other hand, Armaghan said in his message that protect your children, they should learn high-level safety training, if such an incident happens to a child, then it should be faced with determination and courage.

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