Defense Minister raises objections on 4 major courts of Pakistan

Khawaja Muhammad Asif says that if courts do not make decisions according to constitution and law, then it is not my duty to respect these courts

Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif has said that those who have to obey law and if they will not fulfill their responsibility, then it does not apply to us to respect them. Commenting on his statement, analysts say that Khawaja Asif Sahib has mistrusted the Supreme Court, all High Courts, and subordinate courts.

Answering question of Anchor Person Hamid Mir in Geo News program “Capital Talk”, Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that the constitution has been made by us and the law has been made by us, but the people who have to implement the law when Interpreting your will, twisting it at your will, but not applying the law, applying your will and your wishes, then how can you tell us that “We Should Play By The Rules”.

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On this anchor person, Hamid Mir questioned that it means that you are distrusting the entire justice system. As Khawaja Mohammad Asif said, I am definitely not distrusting the entire judiciary system. There have been great dignified people even in the most difficult situations. When such people come to the Judiciary when their personal interests dominate, honor and dignity of their chair recede, or they become irrelevant and their personal desires become relevant, then it is not my duty to help them.

Continuing his point, Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that as long as he takes decisions according to law, rule, and constitution, I have a duty to respect him. I will also honor him in court. I will respect all kinds. But if they don’t pass their chair, their institution, their constitution, and their law, then I will also be freed from all these restrictions, which we are called to have.

Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that when the memorials of martyrs and ghazis are attacked, you don’t protect them, and give guarantees to the attackers, there are loads of accusations against eight or ten such judges.

Analysts say that two things are clear from the statement of Khawaja Muhammad Asif, one is that he does not have confidence in the courts and the other is that the courts do not give decisions on the right.

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