Dua Zehra case: Shopkeepers at Lahore market deny recognising Zaheer Ahmed

Shopkeepers have denied recognising Zaheer Ahmed, the husband of Dua Zehra, at Lahore’s popular market Hafeez Centre.

LAHORE: Shopkeepers have denied recognising Zaheer Ahmed, the husband of Dua Zehra, at Lahore’s popular market Hafeez Centre after he claimed in an interview that he earns up to Rs80,000 a month by selling, purchasing and repairing iPhones.

The mysterious disappearance of a girl from Karachi, Dua Zehra and her marriage has troubled not only locals but also overseas nationals around the world.

Even after two months, controversial statements and details about the marriage of Dua Zehra and Zaheer Ahmed are still pouring in through social media which is proving to be wrong as usual after conducting research.

The most annoying thing for social media users is how children can suddenly take such a big step and how a little girl reached Lahore from Karachi and then goes into hiding.

Mishi Khan criticises YouTuber who interviewed Dua Zehra

Dua Zehra and Zaheer Ahmed’s sidelining from the media and giving interviews only to certain people is further complicating the case while new revelations are recently made in the case.

In recent days, an interview given by Dua Zehra and her husband Zaheer Ahmed to a female YouTuber Zunaira Mahum becomes a topic of discussion.

Ahmed told the YouTuber that he works at Lahore’s popular market Hafeez Centre and earns Rs70,000 to 80,000 a month by selling, purchasing and repairing iPhones and mostly shopkeepers knew them.

News360 visited Hafeez Centre and tried to collect information regarding Zaheer Ahmed from the shopkeepers who are known for providing services to repair and trade iPhones.

After visiting the market, Ahmed’s statement proved to be wrong as nobody knew him there nor did anyone see him in the market.

Family doctor’s statement starts new debate regarding Dua Zehra’s age

A shopkeeper namely Faisal Liaquat, who is working there for the last 10 years, told the News360 correspondent that he is here in the market for 15 years and working for iPhones for 10 years but he has never seen Zaheer Ahmed.

“I know everyone here in the market who works on iPhones and even trading the iPhones. We knew everyone. It may be possible that Zaheer Ahmed mysteriously comes here after the closure of the market to do some business.”

Another shopkeeper said that they are present in the market for 20 years and they did not see Ahmed there. He criticised Zaheer Ahmed’s actions and lies besides expressing sorrow over the miseries of Zehra’s parents. He said that the institutions should have supported Zehra’s parents and they should be allowed to meet her daughter.

News360 also asked about a relative who may have worked here in the market. However, it comes to light that no relative of Zaheer Ahmed works there.

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