Geo News Islamabad’s cameraman dies in miserable condition

Well-known investigative journalist Tahir Imran Mian has written in his tweet that cameraman Abdul Salam Soomro was fired from Geo News a week ago

Pakistan is a country where mafias rule on all sides, in some places there is sugar mafia and in some places there is flour, in some places there is dairy mafia and in some places there is bakery mafia, in some places there is business mafia and in some places there is rule of beggar mafia, in the same way the media in Pakistan. There is a mafia of Seths who are oppressing their workers in new ways every day, sometimes they are being exploited by not paying salaries on time, sometimes they are being dismissed from their jobs to make them die. is left.

The photo of former senior worker of Pakistan’s largest news channel Geo News, Abdus Salam Soomro, has gone viral on social media by well-known journalist Tahir Imran Mian, who was dismissed from his job without giving any reason. Abdul Salam Soomro could not bear the shock and died of brain haemorrhage.

Action will be taken against miscreants involved on 9th May under army act, Corps Commander Conference

Investigative journalist Tahir Imran Mian, while sharing a message about cameraman Abdul Salam on Twitter, the largest social media website, wrote that “This is late Abdul Salam Soomro, who used to work for Hamid Mir’s show.”

According to journalist Tahir Imran Mian, “He was removed by Hamid Mir a week before his death. He died of hypertension and brain haemorrhage.”

Tahir Imran Mian further wrote that “He was left to die without any support from Jio or HM. After his death, Rs 50,000 was sent to his body.”

Tahir Imran Mian’s tweet is getting a strong reaction from Twitter users.

A Twitter user named Kamran Khan cursed and wrote, “May God spoil it.”

“Jung and Jio owners should be ashamed,” wrote an anonymous Twitter user.

A Twitter user named Jogi tagged senior journalist and anchorperson Hamid Mir and wrote, “Is this true?”

Asad Ali, a Twitter user, wrote, “All media houses exploit workers tremendously, this also applies to social media bigwigs. These are the protests we need! ‘Increase the salary’ ‘Give pension’ ‘Give off day’…. People please don’t get fooled by personalities, work together to change the system of exploitation.”

It should be noted that in recent days, Geo News has fired senior reporter Faheem Siddiqui, senior executive producer News Mudassar Saeed and many other journalists who raised their voices in favor of workers.

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