Imran Riaz Khan’s lawyer says multiple FIRs, arrest on similar charges illegal

A petition has been filed to the LHC by the lawyer of arrested anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan which was fixed for hearing today.

LAHORE: A petition has been filed to the Lahore High Court (LHC) by the lawyer of arrested anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan which was fixed for hearing today.

The lawyer, Mian Ali Ashfaq, representing Imran Riaz Khan told the media that only one FIR could be lodged in single charge. He added that it was illegal to arrest Imran Riaz Khan separately in different cases of same genre.

In the petition, it was sought to produce Khan before the LHC today in which the lawyer will plead to the court for his release.

Journalist Imran Riaz Khan’s arrest raises question over Punjab govt’s fascist approach

While talking to journalist at Cantt court in Lahore today, Mian Ali Ashfaq said that it is obvious that freedom of express is bound to the law but it is illegal to target anyone for having different opinion. He criticised that 20 separate cases were lodged against Khan which is being heard in separate courts.

The lawyer said that they do not want to influence the cases through media.

Violation of SC ruling

Punjab police department is committing a blatant violation of the Supreme Court (SC) order in the cases filed against anchorperson and journalist Imran Riaz Khan.

The Supreme Court had ruled in the Safia Bibi case in 1992 that if an accused has multiple cases registered against him and the individual arrested in a single case, he will be considered arrested in all cases and when he is granted bail, he will be considered in all cases.

Courts declare Imran Riaz Khan, Haleem Adil Sheikh’s arrests ‘illegal’

It has been more than three days since the arrest of journalist Imran Riaz but despite being granted bail by the Attock court, the Punjab Police has refused to release him.

Imran Riaz was arrested by Chakwal police after being granted bail by a local court in Attock, but his case could not be heard in Zachkwal last week.

Imran Riaz is also being deprived of basic human rights and has not been able to sleep despite being detained for more than 48 hours due to relocation from one city to another.

Legal experts say the government and Punjab police are blatantly violating the Supreme Court’s Safia Bibi case in the case of Imran Riaz Khan as the Supreme Court ruled in the case that the arrest of an accused was named in several cases. It will be considered and if bail is granted, it will be considered released in all cases.i

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