Is Ayesha Akram Selling Her Exploitation?

The female TikToker and her alleged fiance were heard discussing the hush money in an audio clip

Amid the new turns in the Ayesha Akram molestation case, a shocking audio clip surfaced on social media in which the suspect Rambo and the victim could be heard exchanging dialogues.

In the audio clip, Rambo could be heard blackmailing Ayesha Akram over her inappropriate pictures.

He also threatened Ayesha of sharing her pictures and videos on social media.

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To which the female TikToker replied that her family is supporting her.

In another audio clip, the alleged fiancé and the TikToker were heard discussing the hush amount.

Rambo asked Ayesha about the total number of accused to which she replied that the culprits are 6 in total.

Not only this, Rambo also questioned the female TikToker about the hush money.

Ayesha Akram replied that the culprits will barely pay 0.5 million each.

As per details, the police have sent the audio clips to the laboratory for further investigation.

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