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LHC heard over 150,000 cases in 2022: report

LHC cases

Thanks to the revolutionary reforms of the Chief Justice (CJ) of the Lahore High Court (LHC) Muhammad Ameer Bhatti, millions of cases were heard by the high court and other courts in Punjab.

More than 156,000 cases were heard and wrapped up by the LHC of which 89,509 cases were decided on the Lahore Principal, 38,333 cases were decided on Multan Bench, 17,821 cases on Bahawalpur Bench and 10,687 cases on Rawalpindi Bench.

The wrapped-up cases include a total of 52,000 civil cases, 38,000 criminal cases and more than 85,000 writ petitions. Moreover, 148,000 new cases were also filed in Lahore High Court from January to December.

Similarly, thanks to the instructions of CJ LHC Muhammad Amir Bhatti, more than 2,757,000 cases were disposed of in the district-level courts of Punjab.

According to the statistics, more than 518,000 civil, over 281,000 family, 37,000 murder and session cases and around 590,000 magisterial trials were decided in the district judiciary.

It should be noted that in the year 2022, around 2,713,000 thousand new cases were also filed, while the number of pending cases in the district judiciary is 1,263,000.

A total of 78,000 cases were decided in the provincial special courts and tribunals throughout the year.

CJ Bhatti expressed confidence in the excellent performance of the LHC and district judiciary and appreciated the provision of speedy and quality justice.

The honourable CJ said that providing quality justice to the people of the province is our motto and all resources are being used to achieve this goal.

The CJ LHC said that the decision of a large number of cases and the scope of new cases throughout the year shows that the trust of the people of the province in the courts is getting stronger and people trust the judiciary to solve their problems. We promise to live up to the trust of the people and leave no stone unturned to provide speedy and quality justice, he vowed.

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