Men in police uniforms abduct Senior journalist Zubair Anjum from Karachi

People in police mobiles and double-cabin vehicles raided house of Zubair Anjum in Model Colony, beat up housemates, took journalist's mobile phone and DVR of cameras in neighborhood, SSP Korangi refused to arrest him, K.U.J. Announcement of protest today against kidnapping of journalist

Geo News executive producer Zubair Anjum was abducted from his house in Model Colony Karachi by men dressed in police uniforms. SSP Korangi refused to arrest Zubair Anjum.

Karachi Union of Journalists has announced a protest outside Karachi Press Club today at 3:30 pm against abduction of Zubair Anjam.

Geonews Executive Producer Zubair Anjum is a resident of Model Colony in Karachi. According to family members, two police mobiles and people in a double cabin vehicle came and kidnapped Zubair Anjum last night.

Zubair Anjum’s brother Wajahat Anjum told Geo News that the police and plainclothes officers entered the house at gunpoint, found Zubair, and took him away at gunpoint. According to the missing journalist’s brother, the officers identified Zubair. They were ignorant and did not give any reason for the arrest.

According to Wajahat, some of the people who entered his house were dressed in police uniforms and some in plain clothes, while all but one had masks on their faces. He said that the officials also beat up the family members.

Zubair Anjum’s brother Wajahat said that the police did not give any reason for the arrest. SSP Korangi while talking to Geo News said that the police had no information about Zubair Anjum’s arrest. Zubair Anjum has not been arrested, the incident is being investigated.

Meanwhile, Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ) has announced a protest demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club at 3.30 pm today against the abduction and forced disappearance of journalist Zubair Anjum.

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