Umar Saif Calls Out Professors Over Academic Fraud

He drew attention to the academic fraud going on for the past many years in his tweet

Former chairman of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Umar Saif called out Pakistani professors over their fake claims about published research papers.

“Dear Pakistani professors who claim to have published 1,000 research papers in a 30 year career. That’s almost one research paper every other week”, he wrote.

He drew attention to the academic fraud going on for the past many years in his tweet.

“Please stop it. It’s not quantity over quality. It’s academic fraud”, he added.

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On the other hand, another depressing news popped up from Punjab University that none of the students from the 3 departments of the institute who appeared in the PhD entry test managed to clear the exam.

The departments include the Institute of Communication Studies, Sports Department, and Institute of Administrator Sciences.

A total of 132 candidates participated in the PhD entrance test at the Institute of Communication Studies and none of the candidates who appeared for the entrance test could get the 70 marks mandatory to pass the exam.

The failed candidates also include several faculty members of various institutions.

While talking to News360, the participants claimed that the question paper was out of the provided syllabus.

Not only this, the syllabus for the test was changed just 2 days before the exam date.

As per sources, the questionnaire for the Communications Studies department had 7 questions from Geography, a few from Psychology and Anthropology.

Students expressed distress over the entry test and hinted at a protest in front of the Vice-Chancellor’s office and Governor House.

On the other hand, Dean Faculty of Communication Studies Prof. Khalid Mahmood said that the syllabus was changed as there was a difference of opinion with the NTS over terms and conditions, and only the English part was added.

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