Netizens Maddened by Jazz Women’s Day Commercial

The commercial of Jazz for women's day faced criticism from Pakistanis for promoting conservative mindset

Pakistan’s telecom company Jazz released an unrealistic commercial titled Jazz Women’s Day Awareness Campaign on International Women’s Day which portrayed a negative perception of society.

This time, Jazz took a strange approach to market its message and grow the number of users.

A new advertisement of Jazz is circulating on social media which garnered attention for the negativity it attempted to spread.

The story revolves around an investigating officer and an individual who was questioned why did he kill his sister.

In response to it, the suspect told the reason behind killing his sister was a smartphone.

Further, the commercial stated the fact that 50% of Pakistani women are deprived of smartphones and Jazz took the initiative to empower them by giving them free subscriber identity modules (SIMs).

In contrast to it, the message that the company portrayed in its commercial has been very different from reality.

It promoted false facts without any credibility as no such case has been reported from any part of the country to date where a brother killed his sister for using a smartphone.

After the release of the advertisement, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan for Political Relations, Dr Shahbaz Gill, noted that no such incident has ever occurred in Pakistan and pointed out that the cellular company maligned reality.

Gill asked Jazz how many free smartphones they were willing to giveaway to women in villages across Pakistan instead of SIMs.

He guaranteed if the cellular giant took the step, all brothers would happily hand over phones to their sisters.

He also questioned whether the company had strategized to promote a negative and conservative image of Pakistan.

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Netizens also vent anger on the women’s day special commercial by Jazz for depicting a negative image of the country.

A Twitter user demanded to take strict action against the company over misleading marketing tactics.

In response to it, Gill said such action should be taken by concerned departments such as Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

He, as an official spokesperson, was fulfilling his job by raising voice against Jazz for fostering an unprogressive mindset in the country.

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