Unpublish Your Tweet With Twitter’s ‘Undo Send’ Timer

Twitter users will be allowed to unpublish their posted tweets within a limited time via new feature

Sources revealed that Twitter has been working on the launch of a new feature ‘Undo Send’ timer that will enable users to rectify mistakes and errors before publishing tweet.

The new feature is in the designing and testing process and was spotted by Tech Blogger, Jane Manchun Wong, who has been popular for uncovering soon-to-be launched features through reverse engineering tactics.

‘Undo Send’ timer brought a solution for the users who publish tweets with either wrong links or grammatical errors.

The timer will be active after the user presses ‘tweet’ button after which they will be able to delete within a limited duration.

However, once the timer expires, the user would have to delete the post.

Officials have stated that so far, there is no clarity about the launch as the feature is still in the development stage now.

The video shared by Wong could predict that feature will only be available for tweets and not for direct messages.

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