‘Covid Has Redefined Human Interaction’: Huma Baqai

Political analyst Dr Huma Baqai believes that citizen journalism has played a vital role for the people who have the power to narrate a story or a social cause with in-depth research.

Dr Huma Baqai is an Associate Professor and former Chairperson of the Social Sciences Department at IBA. She has been associated with teaching and research for the last 20 years.

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She started her career from PTV in General Musharraf’s era but she never felt that her voice or thoughts were never controlled, however, working under political leaderships puts a lot of pressure on her for altering information as per the current ruling party.

Talking to News 360, Huma sheds light on what difficulties IBA university faced besides being technologically advanced and how they transformed their study structure when coronavirus outbreak in the country.

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