Haji Photo Halwa of Mirpur Khas Maintains Taste of Decades

Serving the same taste for decades, the famous Haji Photo Halwa of Mirpur Khas is a treat for the sweet tooth.

The shop was originally opened by a Hindu Bania in 1938 in Mirpur Khas city of Sindh and due to the rich flavor of the dessert, it got famous in no time.

Haji Photo Khan used to work at this shop and after the partition of India in 1947, he inherited it from the owner.

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Today, his grandsons run the confectionary shop who claim that it is in the same form as left by their grandfather despite infrastructural evolution with the time.

The famous Halwa doesn’t get stale for six months and people from all over Sindh and Pakistan buy it whenever they visit Mirpur Khas.

The locals said that they have experienced no change in the taste and quality of the product, adding that the Halwa maintains the same decade-old richness.

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