Lahoris Relish Onset of Winter With Fried Fish

With the onset of winter in Lahore, the citizens are relishing the famous fried fish to enjoy the weather.

Taste360 visited the famous Billa Fish Corner at main boulevard Lahore to discover the real goodness of the dish.

Billa Fish Corner is famous among the locals for its unique taste and the quality of the fried fish. The corner provides tea and sweet candies along with the fish to cherish the customers.

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The owner of the fish corner told News360 that he is in the business for last 25 years. “We stay free for 4 months and the shop remains open for the rest of 8 months”, he added.

He said that the fish is prepared with special ingredients along with mustard oil.

Let’s watch the video to find more about Lahori fried fish.

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