Fatima Bhutto got it all wrong; This is disservice to peace process

Author and Rights activist Fatima Bhutto in reaction to US President’s Biden X post regarding peace resolution passage from UN and claimed it a Hamas proposed resolution, although she didn’t elaborated that where and how she got to know about the Hamas’s peace resolution.

Fatima wrote on X in response to Biden post that “This is literally Hamas’s resolution. Israel and the US have rejected it. We have watched Israel’s genocide in real time for 8 months these lies don’t work”.

But what is startling that how she knows what Hamas had proposed in the name of peace deal. She also didn’t divulged the details of the proposed peace agreement which she claimed that was drafted by the militant wing.

Contrary to what Fatima Bhutto was claiming, the UN page where the resolution was placed it is clearly mentioned that it was a US drafted peace proposal which was adopted by the international body.

It is to be mentioned that in its latest statement Hamas has welcomed the US proposed peace plan and has called on Israel to walk the talk on the proposals.

Meanwhile Israel is also ready to honour US peace plan which has been approved by UN, but sources close to Israeli govt tells that Netanyahu admin would still want to neutralize Hamas’s war capabilities for all times to come.

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