Busy Food Street of Burns Road Becomes Hassle For Locals

The hotel owners have arranged meals along the wall of the mosque and in front of the toilet with tables and chairs creating trouble for the locals

Built-in the city of lights, Karachi, Burns Road Food Street was famous for its ancient buildings and the designed for food lovers, has now become a nuisance for locals due to mismanagement.

The citizens have complained that their lives have become difficult due to the obstinate hotel owners.

According to the local government notification, vehicles will be banned from entering the food street after 7 pm.

A separate parking area will be arranged for the locals and customers’ vehicles, which has yet to materialize, one of the locals said.

According to the direction of Deputy Commissioner and Administrator DMC (South), Irshad Ali Sodhar, burns road from Fresco Chowk to Fatima Jinnah Women’s College has been declared as a food street.

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A new drainage system has been in the process of installation to improve the sewerage system of the food street, and the roads have been rapidly paved with modern machinery.

The government has not taken any measures in lowering the pitfall for the locals of burns road.

Not only residents of the food street find it difficult to park their vehicles after 7 PM, but the sitting arrangement by the hotel owners is also troublesome.

As per the administration, an emergency exit is needed to be systemized in case of an exigency situation and an order should be spread among the hotel owners not to place chairs beyond the prescribed limit.

Last year, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had inaugurated the People’s Square in which an underground parking lot was provided to keep the traffic flowing whereas, no such facility is arranged for the food street of Burns Road.

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