Video of Reverse Driving on Karachi Roads Goes Viral

A video is going viral on social media as the driver had to drive in reverse as the gear of the car malfunctioned

A video of a man driving a Jaguar in reverse gear on Karachi’s main highway is going viral, while passersby are praising the driver’s skill and calling him a champion.

Karachiites are surprised and a lot of people are curious to know about them.

Although the people of Pakistan are known for their unique talents and experimenting with different sports, stunts and etc.

A similar stunt has been performed by a man driving in reverse gear on the main highway of Karachi.

In the video, it can be seen that he is skillfully driving the Jaguar using reverse gear, taking care of the sides.

Driving on a busy road of Karachi in reverse at night is no less dangerous.

People are sharing a mix of reactions to the viral video of the man driving in the reverse gear.

Some appreciate the efforts while some are very disappointed and showed anger on dangerous practice.

They were of the view that slightest carelessness can be a precursor to a major accident.

The driver said that the reverse gear of his car was stuck due to which he was forced to drive in reverse.

The question is, where were the law enforcers during all this time?

Was there no traffic officer on main highway who could stop such blatant violation of the law?

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On precautionary measures, law enforcement agencies should take legal action against the driver so that no individual has the courage to flout law and endanger others’ lives.

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