Pedestrian Bridge at Rashid Minhas Pleads Attention

Most of the pedestrian crossings in Karachi are in a dilapidated condition posing a life-threatening condition for the citizens

The deteriorating condition of roads and pedestrian bridges in Karachi have raised concerns over the safety of citizens in the metropolis city. News360 has received a video of a pedestrian bridge near Aladdin Park on Rashid Minhas Road. The disintegration of the bridge is visible in the video that poses a threat to the safety and security of pedestrians, especially children.

The crumbling bridge has been pleading with the authorities to scrutinize the condition and to fix faults to ensure the safety of citizens.

The bridge has been a main elevated alley for several families including children who are visiting Aladdin Park, however, it is in sinking condition for many years.

The crossing has just a few sidebars left on both sides with a height of almost four feet, making it life-threatening for the children crossing the bridge.

The residents near Rashid Minhas are using the pedestrian bridge on daily basis to cross the fast-moving traffic on Rashid Minhas Road and are requesting the authorities to fix the safety issues.

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The citizen can be heard in the video asking the government and administration to pay attention to the burning issue of the shambling bridge.

Apart from this, most of the pedestrian crossings in Karachi are in a dilapidated condition, posing a life-threatening condition for the citizens including areas of Saddar, Korangi, Jama Cloth Market, and Nazimabad.

Works and Services Department of the City Government is responsible for the construction and maintenance of bridges across the city, however, it seems like the department has turned deaf and mute towards the issue.

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