‘Chicken Gol Gappay’ is The Specialty of Faiza’s Restaurant

The owner of MAHH food center, Faiza Ali, is running the business of selling soda drinks for the past 1.5 years single-handedly.

Faiza said that she came up with the idea of starting their own business at a time when the coronavirus pandemic hit the country very badly and many businesses were badly affected by it.

On the menu, Faiza serves, sodas, rolls, zinger burger, chaat, coffee, club sandwich, chicken kata kat, limca, gol gappay, and other items that are top picked by food lovers.

To continue earning a livelihood, the owner said that they faced severe difficulties in the initial stage as there were strict restrictions from the government and the people were also resistant towards public gatherings.

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She added that her restaurant is going in profit as the situation is going towards betterment.

Talking to News 360, Faiza explained how her better half has helped in setting up the restaurant in which she serves an amazing and tasty menu.

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